I have recently begun to lay the ground work for beginning to shoot more commercially in the automotive industry. After shooting for many years in amateur cars, sports, portraits, and concerts, I've decided my primary passion and skillset falls in the realm of motorsports and car culture. I'm currently pursuing a portfolio and website curated to dealerships and sponsors of motorsports events.

One day last week, I saw a post in a local car enthusiast group about a 2023 GR Corolla hitting the floor at the Toyota dealership down the road from me. I commented on the post, excited about how cool it was and determined I would use this as an opportunity to snap some updated photos of a rare car for my portfolio. 
I started out by admiring the Land Rover Defender parked out front with iconic Toyo Tires and golden rims, then made my way inside for the main show. This car is one incredibly attractive & sleek hot hatch.
With very little room around the car and many people constantly walking near, I focused only on detail shots rather than full-car shots. Every angle and line on the GR Corolla work together to make it look aggressively fast.
This car is incredible in person. It is so easy to stand and stare at in awe & admiration for the immaculate design. I hope to see one on the road or track some day in the future. 

Some key takeaways from this shoot:
- Walking into dealerships doesn't have to be intimidating.
- Detail shots can be incredibly powerful with some depth or the perfect angle.
- If there is little space to work with when shooting a car, focus on the detail shots.
- Engine bays are a great highlight, especially for performance cars.
- Be aware of multi-colored lighting, such as weak incandescent lights mixed with strong blue sunlight coming in from nearby windows.
- Keep in mind incandescent lights typically flash at 60hz, so use a shutter speed of 1/60th of a second and be wary of camera shake when shooting at such a low speed.
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